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$ 39
  • + 1 Billion GTA $
  • Level 200
  • GTA 5 already bought
  • Unlocks:
  • 100% Skills
  • Clothing
  • Hairstyles
  • Tattoos
  • Trophies
  • Awards


$ 49
  • + 4 Billion GTA $
  • Level 300
  • GTA 5 already bought
  • Unlocks:
  • 100% Skills
  • Clothing
  • Hairstyles
  • Tattoos
  • Trophies
  • Awards


$ 59
  • + 10 Billion GTA $
  • Level 500
  • GTA 5 already bought
  • Unlocks:
  • 100% Skills
  • Clothing
  • Hairstyles
  • Tattoos
  • Trophies
  • Awards

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We strongly believe that you will not receive a ban through our service. However, you will still benefit from our free ban protection guarantee!

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The Benefits of a Modded Account

Here you can see an overview with important advantages of a Modded Account.

You get a lot of Money

You have a lot of Money on the Modded Account, so you can buy everything without having to play annoying missions.

You start with a High Level

With the Modded Account you'll start at a high level, so you'll have more possibilities in the Online Mode of GTA 5.

You can buy all your Objects yourself as you wish

On the Modded Accounts are only Money, Levels and the respective Unlocks. You can buy everything yourself as you wish.

You save a lot of Time and Money

All the stuff that is in our Modded Accounts is worth thousands of hours of play. You save all that for yourself!

100% ban protection guarantee included

Process of Purchasing

This is the process of how you get your own Modded Account.

Choose your Modded Account

First you choose one of our Modded Accounts for PC according to your preferences and pay securely.

Wait for delivery

After we receive the payment, our experienced Modding Team will get to work and create your account with high security measures.

Receive your Modded Account

As soon as your Modded Account is ready, we will send you the login data via email. You will also receive instructions on how to use it from us.

100% ban protection guarantee included

Frequently Asked Questions

They are very safe! 

You need to know that we have some of the most experienced Modders in our team. They have been around for years and know how to deal with every vulnerability of GTA 5 Online.

Moreover, the modded accounts are done with a method developed by us, so it is almost impossible to get banned.

Security checks are also performed weekly, so we reduce the chance of being banned to less than 1%.

No, you do not need to. With our modded accounts the game is included!

Yes, you can change the appearance at any time.

Yes, you can easily change it via the official Social Club page from Rocksatr Games.

Getting banned is very rarely the case. However, if you do get banned, you are welcome to contact our support team.

You can make use of our 100,00% ban guarantee. We will help you as soon as possible, so that you are satisfied again.

For our products, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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Save Massively. Optimize Earnings. Avoid Buying Expensive GTA Shark Cards

The price is not right when buying GTA 5 Shark cards. They don’t start you off with loads of cash and a high rank right from the start.  Shark Cards also don’t get you billions in GTA cash, usually less than a million. Why waste your money on Shark Cards that only give you a million when you could get billions?

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Your GTA 5 Mod Account for PC Gives Unstoppable Features

With your new GTA 5 Modded Account for PC, you’ll get up to $10 billion in GTA 5 money straight to your bank. This unlocks the ability to:

  • Buy powerful weapons. In the game, you start with a pistol. You’ll never rank up quickly with that. How about starting out with the Unholy Hellbringer instead?
  • Buy weaponized vehicles and supercars. Get around town faster and blow-up stuff along the way.
  • Purchase High-End Apartments in popular business and shopping districts. To plan and execute heists, you need a high-end apartment.
  • Invest in Businesses. From legal car selling to casino heists. Earn cash in businesses, sell to your customers, and grow your empire and stats.

Unlock High Ranks, Right Now. And Triumph!

With our low-price service, our Modded Accounts start you off with a high rank in GTA Online, instantly. Your character becomes stronger. And you have access to more exclusive weapons and equipment when you unlock those ranks.

Which Inexpensive Package is Right for You?

Our GTA 5 Modded Accounts come in 3 different packages. You can choose the GTA V Modded Account that fits your gaming goals. We have silver, gold, and diamond Modded Accounts for sale. Check out our online menu for the price and details. Choose which game tier you want and secure your pay. Once your payment is verified. Our experienced Modding Team will get to work creating your GTA 5 account.

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Risk-free Ban Protection

And remember, with our legit GTA 5 Modded Accounts, you get a 100% Ban Protection included for FREE! Read our customer reviews for extra assurance of the quality of our packages. Contact our online customer support with any questions.

You’ll have experienced modders working for you.  They know how to safely deal with GTA V Online vulnerabilities. Your new GTA 5 Modded Account will be a safe game to play.  Our GTA 5 Accounts are developed internally. We have weekly security checks, so getting banned is less than 1% of a possibility. This is the place to buy your Modded Accounts for PC and PS4/PS5. For Xbox, refer to our GTA 5 Boosting Services, which gives an existing GTA 5 account boost.

Want to change your name? Change the name for your Modded Account in the official Social Club page from Rockstar Games.

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